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So I saw The Host with Le Boyfriend yesterday (bless him for going along to some terrible movies just so I can fangirl) and…wow. I have a truly astonishing streak of masochism when it comes to fangirling actors I like (but we know this already). Max Irons was kind of disappointing, but Jake Abel was pretty good in spite of the crappy material and looks like a really good kisser and Saiorse Ronan did the best she could, but the whole thing was kind of a hilarious mess of random punching and even more random making out. Worth renting just for a cute guy fix and for the lolz, if anything.

(Side note: People who still watch SPN, is Adam/Michael still languishing down in Hell? I might be persuaded to pick it up again if he comes back…)

In real world news, I still don't have a job yet but one of my RL friends is going to try to pull some strings for me, so we'll see how that turns out. In the mean time, I interviewed for PTA school a couple of days ago and feel pretty good about it, so I get to spend the next couple of weeks doing jury duty and waiting to find out if I got in or not IN ADDITION to hoping I can finally get a job. I guess this is where the frantic praying and nursing of ulcers comes in?


"Our ideals are our better selves…" -- Amos Bronson Alcott


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So, internets, an incident leading up to my job serves to reinforce that I'm basically the smartest person alive. The short and the short of it is that, when she called to offer me the job, my recruiter and I scheduled two appointments with the hospital's Occupational Health department to do blood tests/TB tests/physical/etc. on "Friday and Monday at 1:30 pm". She even sent me an email about it which I read a million times just to avoid showing up on the wrong day.

I completely spaced showed up a week early anyway.

The bright side is that I got about 30 minutes/a metric buttload of paperwork done in the HR office (so it'll all go a lot faster when I'm SUPPOSED to show up), but it was still really embarrassing when I realized this after about fifteen minutes of arguing with the Occupational Health people about why I wasn't on their appointment books for this past Friday.


Like I said, smartest person alive.

Anyway, I've seen a bunch of movies recently and haven't really talked about any of them, so have a list of bullet-time reviews in no particular order!

The Possession: I have to give this one points for a slightly different take on the typical possession mythos and some neat effects, but the ~family drama~ felt kind of tacked on and forced. 6.5/10, worth renting if you're seriously bored
House at the End of the Street: If everyone tells you to stay away from the creepy, mackerel-eyed boy next door, chances are at least one of them is doing it for a good reason. Jennifer Lawrence sure does look good in a tank top though. Less of a horror movie and more of a thriller, also worth at least renting but probably not worth the high movie ticket prices. 6/10
Resident Evil: Revelation: I'm not even going to score this one because it was so pointless and ridiculous. True to form, Milla Jovovich demonstrates creative and exciting ways to murder things, and has a soft spot for a kid (again).
Pitch Perfect: A bit cheesy in places, but it doesn't take itself seriously so it balances out, plus it's fucking hilarious and the music is surprisingly good (if nothing else, see it for Rebel Wilson). Definitely worth seeing in theaters, 7.5-8/10
• Lawless: Tom Hardy is such a badass that it almost makes you forget your overwhelming desire to punch Shia LaDouche in the face. 8/10, with bonus points for a random appearance by Crazy Gary Oldman and for having that one angel girl from Supernatural as one of the leading ladies.

Movies I want to see:

Seven Psychopaths
• Frankenweenie (God help me, I still love Tim Burton, even though he doesn't deserve it)
Hotel Transylvania
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Silent Hill: Revelation
Wreck-It Ralph

This is all going to be quite a feat considering I won't actually be bringing in a salary for another week and a half or so.

In other news, I've started marathoning Scrubs on Netflix because I've always been meaning to give it another chance, and because I read somewhere that real life medical types think it captures working in a hospital relatively accurately (compared to ER or House). Beta work is coming along nicely too now that I've hammered out the kinks, but that's otherwise all for what's going on in my life. How are y'all?


"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted…" -- John Lennon



P.S. - I've been feeling the seeds of words stirring again…like…actual fic-y words. Stay tuned.
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I know this is going to sound paranoid and weird, but from time to time I've wondered how the FBI/CIA/etc. would react if they were indeed monitoring my internet use. Mostly, I think they'd be bored as shit, but sometimes it's fun to imagine.

I think it would go a little something like this… )

Just in case anyone wondered if I have a bit of an overactive imagination...

In other news, I've recently seen Prometheus and Men in Black 3 and have started watching Californication (the lattermost at the behest of two of my former coworkers). I initially avoided Californication because I thought, "No one deserves to see that much of David Duchovny's bare ass", but I gave it a chance and it's actually pretty fucking funny, definitely shades of Six Feet Under in terms of dialogue. Sure, there's really a spectacular amount of T&A, but enough of us watch things like True Blood and The Borgias that I don't think it'll pose a huge issue to anyone.

In other other news, my muse still hasn't come back from fucking off earlier this semester. I actually stared at a Googledoc of one of my fics today and almost started crying from sheer frustration. It figures that all I wanted to do was write and fuck around in fandom when I was completely swamped and now, now that I actually have the time to do that, I can't muster up the motivation or the necessary creative spark. What the fuck, universe?


"What is past is prologue…" -- William Shakespeare



P.S. - Is it me, or has True Blood finally given up all pretense and just turned into pure, unadulterated crack!fic this season?
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Internets, it just hit me this morning that, one month from today, I'll have graduated from uni (with a motherfucking degree and everything).

…so why do I suddenly feel like I don't know anything? Is this normal, or am I just being neurotic and insane again?

In other news, I saw two movies this weekend: Cabin in the Woods (possibly the biggest meta-movie I've ever seen) and Detention. For those of you unfamiliar with Detention, one of its chief draws for me was this darling little fella:

This gif actually sums up my reaction to the movie pretty well

It was easily one of the top 3 weirdest movies I've ever seen in my entire life and I spent at least half of it feeling completely lost, but I had an absolute blast anyway. It's a limited release, but if any of y'all happen to find yourself near a city playing it and you have the time/the means, I highly recommend checking it out.

Now if y'all will excuse me, I'll just be over here in the corner debating which show to watch first out of the 3 I have set to DVR in the same time slot tonight -- The Borgias, Mad Men, or NYC 22. Actually, let's be real, I think we all know what I'm realistically going to pick…

Expect a post squeeing about Stark and his stupid adorable face tomorrow.


"Big results require big ambitions…" -- Heraclitus



P.S. - Let's talk about this JHutch picture I found on ONTD… )
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I only just realized that I forgot to mention how I've seen The Hunger Games twice now and it keeps giving me ALL THE #FEELINGZ

I can't remember all of the thoughts I had about it so for now I'll just leave a couple of pics/gifs of Josh Hutcherson here to squee about since I find him fucking disgustingly adorable.

There's a joke about buns in ovens in here somewhere… )

Alas, that's all I've got for the moment, so anyone who wants to donate their own pics/gifs/videos is welcome to do so. It says a great deal about his performance that he managed to convert a former diehard Gale fangirl into a Peeta fangirl (and a JHutch fangirl, of course).

So, flisties, what did y'all think? Does anyone else have ALL THE #FEELINGZ about it and want to vent? I need someone to squee and handflap with. In the mean time, have some Wilson Bethel to flesh out (ha!) this mancandy post a bit more.



"To rule is easy, to govern difficult…" -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



P.S. - I'm midway through re-reading Catching Fire and holy shit I forgot how much the story of how Peeta falls for Katniss pulls at my hopeless romantic heartstrings *sigh*

P.P.S. - I should have some fic ready for y'all this week once I get off my poor overworked ass and finish addressing [livejournal.com profile] looleebelle's beta comments \o/
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Holy shiny metallic mother of God I'm so tired


Le Boyfriend tells me we managed to have an entire conversation (that made zero sense) last night while I was basically half-conscious -- I don't remember any of this and am distinctly paranoid about what I might have said…

Anyway, I haven't updated recently because I've been kept so busy that I just didn't have the time or the energy. That being said, let's talk movies!

Things I've seen recently:

Chronicle (I was disappoint as a GK fangirl to see Patterson being the abusive asshole dad in this *sigh*)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (So cracktastic and insane that I refuse to acknowledge it as a Ghost Rider movie)

Things I want to see:

Safe House (Denzelllll <3)
Act of Valor (LIKE BURNING)
The Hunger Games (AGAIN, LIKE BURNING)
The Dark Knight Rises
The Avengers (Because I want to mash Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth together like Barbie dolls)

Which reminds me! Have a humorous video about Marvel movies that my coworker showed me the other day )

Meanwhile, back on topic…

Things I kind of want to see:

This Means War (I'm willing to suffer through what Reese Witherspoon considers acting if it means I get Chris Pine and Tom Hardy pulling each other's pigtails snarking at each other in the same movie)
The Secret World of Arrietty

It's gonna be a good year to go to the movies, y'all.


"Sanity is a cozy lie…" -- Susan Sontag



P.S. - I'm going to be very upset if Hugo doesn't win anything at the Oscars #justsayin

P.P.S. - I made a B on my first Therapeutic Modalities/Rehab test (which I barely studied for) \o/ Not bad considering I know for a fact that the professor actively dislikes me (she's part of the university athletic training program that rejected me...twice).
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So a certain goddess-like flistie who shall remain nameless (*coughcough*[livejournal.com profile] eiirene*coughcough*) sent me something this morning that I think we could all appreciate. Feast your eyes, my fellow GK/AI/general Stark fangirls, on some truly quality hand/arm/tattoo porn:


This was the exact face I made when I clicked the link in her message:


I'm not going to say how LONG I had that look on my face because it's just embarrassing.

In other news, internets, y'all remember how excited I was when I realized I have neither class nor work nor my internship on Fridays? And how I thought this would give me ALL the extra free time? Oof, I was way off -- my schedule runs me so ragged now that I usually spend Fridays sleeping off the rest of the week. If this is what it's like to be an adult, then all the more reason to consider doing a Van Wilder and staying in college for another 3-4 years *headscreen*

Finally, on a totally unrelated note, Le Boyfriend and I saw The Woman in Black yesterday (because we love us some horror movies and I love me some DanRad). From my Facebook:

"The Woman In Black, a period horror piece that mostly resorted to jump scares (as you do in horror movies these days), but kept some of them subtle and timed them well enough to build fairly decent suspense. Plus all the bonus footage of Daniel Radcliffe brooding picturesquely off into the distance, probably about how hard it is to be richer than God. A solid 7.5/10, and actually worth the movie ticket price."

Anyone else here seen it? What'd y'all think?


"Lack of charisma can be fatal..." -- Jenny Holzer



P.S. - The Superbowl is tomorrow and, for once, I give precisely zero fucks about it. Why, you ask? Because I'm sick to death of ESPN worshipping the Patriots (and Tom Brady) and Eli Manning (of the Giants) just annoys me on general principle and okay, I'm more than a little bitter about how the Cowboys did this season because COME ON NOW. I think I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl this year for the sake of my blood pressure.
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Internets, you wanna know something kind of awesome about growing up on the periphery of the non-douchey flavor of obscenely rich people (who, in my case, happen to be my godparents)? When said godparents take you/the family out to dinner at an obnoxiously-trendy-but-still-really-fucking-tasty Indian restaurant and ply you with awesome wine (godfather geeks out about it like normal nerds geek out about comic books) and equally awesome coffee (godfather's company supplies the restaurant).

I'm not even joking about the restaurant though, I've never seen so many fucking douchey twentysomething hipsters in my life -- there was a 40 minute wait because of them. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT.

During yet another bout of insomnia, I decided to go on a Jesse Eisenberg kick and watched Rio (that animated parrot movie, for those keeping score at home) and yes, I finally caved and watched The Social Network. Rio was so fucking adorable and funny and pretty much left me like this:


While my reaction to TSN can be summed up thusly:


Y'all, the last time I shipped anything this hard was when I walked out of X-Men: First Class. Obviously I have a crippling weakness for geek love.

So, in the interest of amusing myself on the trip back to university-land this afternoon, I have a two-pronged request:

1) Bring me your favorite TSN fic -- bonus points if it involves a) The Bathroom Scene, b) Wardo scaring Sean off of Mark (hate sex is a plus here), or c) Some combination thereof
2) Spam me with ALL THE JESSE PICS. Good lord, that boy is so disgustingly adorable.

And while I realize this last aside might be a bit much, I'd appreciate a relative minimum of mockery about finally joining the dark side or whatever. I know I'm late, I just got sidetracked and was also initially despairing for mankind as a whole over the fact that Facebook got its own movie. I'M ONLY HUMAN *sob*


"Law never made men a whit more just...." -- Henry David Thoreau



P.S. - Godparents got me a pair of TOM's shoes for a way late Christmas present. I'm scared, y'all, does this mean I'm turning into a hipster? Am I going to have to resort to the path of noble suicide?

P.P.S. - Random thought of the day: Jfc, how fucking surreal would it be to get a friend request from Mark Zuckerberg?


Jan. 7th, 2012 04:15 pm
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I think my immediate reaction the second the credits started rolling is pretty telling in itself: "*blink blink* That's it?! OH COME ON."

Allow me to elaborate (cut for spoilers) )

I hope the (inevitable) sequel handles its storylines a bit more deftly, there's potential for some interesting concepts and it'd be a shame to keep wasting said potential.


"Be happy. It's one way of being wise..." -- Colette


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I'mma keep this one relatively brief since my life is still pretty fucking boring at the moment.

1) T.V. shows I've caught up on:

- Sons of Anarchy - Much as I miss the long hair (which made him look like Le Boyfriend), I would still hit Jax/Charlie Hunnam like the fist of an angry god. Also? Clay needs to get hit by a bus or two...or twelve (I can't be the only one who's noticed that Ron Perlman is amazing at playing complete utter assholes). Plus I still so want to be Gemma when I grow up.

T.V. shows I've tried out (and promptly gotten hooked on):

- American Horror Story - I kind of love Connie Britton in this but, then again, I've known she was a badass ever since I watched her as Mrs. Coach in Friday Night Lights. Also, Idgaf if he's batshit and clingy and whiny, I kind of want to do horrible raunchy things to Tate (me and the rest of the fandom, from what little of it I've glimpsed so far). I love the show so much that I'm almost willing to forgive Ryan Murphy for all the horrible inconsistencies and shit he's perpetrated on Glee to date. Almost.

- Hart of Dixie - First of all, I kind of fucking love this show as someone who lives in the South because it gets an amazing number of things right. And then there's Wade. OH LAWD, don't even get me started on how much I love Wade and his glorious, lickable abs.



...I need more Wade gifs in my life.

As you might have noticed, the execs seem to lust after him almost as much as I do considering how much time he spends in various states of undress. For any GK fangirls out there who haven't tried this show yet, I highly recommend it.

2) Le Boyfriend and I are due to go see The Devil Inside at some point this evening (because I'm a horrible sucker for exorcism movies). Pray for us (choice of words fully intended), exorcism movies are usually either good or hilariously godawful. Personally, I think it looks like the bastard lovechild of Quarantine and The Exorcist with a touch of The Exorcism of Emily Rose -- which, again, could be great or just fucking awful. Possible review post material y/y?

3) My muse showed signs of life recently! I managed to knock out another scene in my Starsgard hurt/comfort piece (the one I haven't worked on in almost a year, for all three people who remember it) and revised/storyboarded a couple of other scenes. Raptor Jesus willing, I might even have another part up relatively soon *fingers crossed*

And aside from a head cold combined with a horrible case of cramps, that's all I've got for now. How are y'all?


"Humility is attentive patience..." -- Simone Weil


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Oof, so...um...hi? I know it's kind of been a while, to put it mildly. Where to start...

1) My birthday was this past Sunday. Gifts include...

Season 1 of Sons of Anarchy
Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy
DVD of the cartoon/Disney Alice in Wonderland (for sentimental reasons)
A truly awesome birthday song left on my voicemail
A year's paid journal time from "Anonymous" (*cough*[livejournal.com profile] looleebelle*coughcough*)
Several birthday posts from y'all (including at least two that used the exact same Stark picture XD)
A $50 Bath & Body Works gift card (which I've already spent most of...)

But alas, no tattoo/nose piercing yet (I ran out of money for it buying Christmas presents, plus replacing yet another dead pair of headphones). Plus jury's still out on what Le Boyfriend got me, as he says he wants to give his present alongside his Christmas present. He did hint that both things were shiny though, so my inner magpie is pleased :P

2) I survived final exams (ranging from stupidly hard to suspiciously easy) and wound up with the following final/overall grades:

Strength & Conditioning - B (I was resigned to a C after how the first two tests went...)
Fitness Assessment & Programming - B (God bless the grade padding provided by my lab section)
Drugs & Behavior - A

And I'm all signed up for my classes next term:

Clinical Internship (yes, it counts for course credit)
Program Design & Administration
Therapeutic Modalities (translation: Rehab/Physical Therapy)
Obesity & Weight Management

So my university life continues to putter along, leaving me all set for my....last semester. Gulp.

3) Went to Le Boyfriend's graduation, and even managed to keep from teasing him about how he has to do real word/like-a-motherfucking-adult things now. At least they pronounced his name right and he seemed pretty happy.

4) Saw Immortals with Le Boyfriend at some point before I headed back to the Ol' Homestead for winter hols. I think my Facebook review, once again, sums it up pretty nicely:

"Saw "Immortals" tonight or, to sum it up, "Greek myth as retold by Frank Miller -- sex, blood, and oily, rippling abs as far as the eye could see". Not bad if you like brainless action flicks and aren't too attached to the original source material. 6.5/10 overall if you go in not taking it seriously."

It's sort of like cotton candy for your brain, only with glorious abs and suspiciously perfect teeth.

Aaaand that's about it for now. I hope the holidays aren't getting y'all too down -- remember, killing sprees are never worth the jail time, especially if it's your family. Peace!



"Love is metaphysical gravity..." -- R. Buckminster Fuller


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So....I fic'ed some more -- mostly because my flisties (and their flisties) are horrible enablers, but also because this keeps me from stressing about how university is conspiring to make me die of a massive ulcer.

Title: Feeling This
Author(s): [livejournal.com profile] emerald_skies
Pairing: Starsgard
Rating: Not rated, PG at the very most for a smidge of language
Summary: In which the boys find that letting go is harder than one might expect.
Author's Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] melkerr as a sequel to Reflection. [livejournal.com profile] melkerr wanted sappy fic and, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I was all too happy to oblige. Title is taken from a Blink-182 song (shut up, I can hear y'all judging me from here).

It's about 10:00 at night... )

I just couldn't leave them like I did. Some people have it in them to torture their characters and call it a day, but I ain't one of 'em -- I need at least a bittersweet ending. THAT probably deserves some judging *headscreen*

I also realized it's probably a sign of how long it's been since I went to the movies that I thought Captain America was still in theaters (I think the last thing I saw was Don't Be Afraid of the Dark). I intend to remedy that this weekend, so I have to ask: what's playing that's good these days?


"Anger cannot be dishonest..." -- Marcus Aurelius


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All right, internets, because I am the biggest masochist ever the best friend ever and because it's been a while since I did a real movie post, I agreed (at [livejournal.com profile] looleebelle's request) to review a little flick called Light and the Sufferer. The main reason she asked (and I agreed), besides out of a mix of curiosity and masochism?

Answer cut to protect flist formatting )

Yeah, we're a couple of hopeless fangirls. I also agreed to do this because [livejournal.com profile] looleebelle is a giant chicken about secondhand embarrassment and she was afraid this would be cringeworthy. Read the synopsis from the back of the case and see what y'all think:

Based on a short story... )

So yeah, I'm mostly intrigued but also somewhat concerned that I'm not nearly high enough to appreciate this movie properly. We'll see, I guess. Anyway *pops knuckles* Let's get this show on the road!

Notes taken as I watched the movie (with an attempt at a bit of a recap) )

I don't know about this recap style, guys, this movie was only 70 minutes long and took me just about seven hours to write up.

Aaaand the actual review: Welp. )

Oof, I think that's just about enough HTML for a little while. I hope somebody out there got a kick out of this, because I sure as hell did.


"Sweet are the uses of adversity..." -- William Shakespeare


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Oof. Howdy doo, internets, I'm just dropping in briefly to say that I won't be able to make the GK re-watch that starts in an hour (I got a late start and now have to run ALL the errands), but I'll be at the 1:00 a.m. one with bells on. I would just like to reiterate for the record that this "being a responsible adult" thing fucking SUCKS.

That being said, have some JGroff being ridiculously adorable:


"Failure is impossible..." -- Susan B. Anthony



P.S. - Two things in movie-related news:

1) I watched Ten Inch Hero last night and wound up pretty much exactly like this (because I am that much of a hopeless romantic):
(I would also hit punk!Jensen like the fist of an angry god)

2) I've agreed to purchase and watch Light and the Sufferer because [livejournal.com profile] looleebelle is too chicken to watch it (it might be "too cringeworthy") and that's outweighing her desire for an Esper fix. I might actually even do a review post of it because it looks pretty crack-tacular and honestly? I'll probably enjoy it even if it sucks; I've sat through worse movies for less fangirl gratification (*coughcough*Shall We Dance?*coughcough*), so BRING IT ON.
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Blah, I got caught up in whacked out real life bullshit and wound up missing out on the first round of the [livejournal.com profile] generation_kill re-watch today. Luckily, there's a second one! It's at, like, one o'clock in the morning my time, but hey, I've done unhealthier things in the name of fandom. Y'all should come too, we can all have a giant midnight madness party of capslocking and gifs. Please?

In other news, I just got done watching The Poughkeepsie Tapes...right as it got dark outside. I am currently home by myself, and my cat keeps staring at blank spots of ceiling/wall.


Please send help. Or ammo, ammo is good too *gulp*


"Some folk want their luck buttered..." -- Thomas Hardy


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BREAKING NEWS: I GOT THE TUTORING JOB!! I'll be working as a university writing tutor on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

This is supposed to be gleeful flailing instead of angry/seizure-tastic flailing


Dear maintenance guys working right outside my window,

I wish I could find words to describe how fucking much I hate you right now. I didn't think it was physically possible for ladders to make that much noise (much less the hammering y'all have been doing all goddamn day) but by God, you guys managed it. FUCK OFF ALREADY.

No love,
[livejournal.com profile] emerald_skies

ANYWAY, just in case any of y'all ever feel like you're a giant loser who needs to get a life, console yourselves with the fact that you'd have to try pretty hard to out-nerd me. Why, you ask?

I put fandom into my jewelry.

*facepalm* )

Finally, I got around to watching Lilo & Stitch today, and have decided that Stitch is officially my favorite Disney character of all time (OF ALL TIME). Does it seem weirdly fitting somehow to anyone else that my favorite Disney character is a psychotic little alien? I feel like that says something about me as a person psychologically...

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The GK re-watch is today! The GK re-watch is today!


Anyone who isn't busy battening down the hatches and busting out the floaties is both welcome and highly encouraged to go here and flail with me and [livejournal.com profile] abrokencompass. We might even possibly have cookies (or something).

So come get some, y'all! Please?


"Freedom is from within..." -- Frank Lloyd Wright



P.S. - I saw Don't Be Afraid of the Dark avec Le Boyfriend last night. Not only was it far less scary than the hype led me to believe, but it also made me decide that it was a thinly veiled reference to Katie Holmes's kidnapping into Scientology (think about it -- she gets targeted by a tiny, insane midget to join his seemingly crazy quasi-cult...)
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By Raptor Jesus, it seems it really WAS the Russians coming after LJ again.

Seriously? Again with this shit? For one thing, I thought Russian journals had their own server, so why take the whole site down? That shit's just sloppy. Being the raging internet addict that I am, I'm pretty much like this after four days without LJ:


Russia might find itself in a wide world of hurt if it pulls shit like this again *mutters* Ditto re: LJ if it doesn't give us free paid time to make up for this crap.

On a brighter note, talking to [livejournal.com profile] looleebelle about various American Idiot-related things has intensified my pathetic fangirlishness of it -- and of Michael Esper (probably because I'm suffering from Stark withdrawal *facepalm*) So, to get a bit of it out of my system, I decided to a picspam of a certain spiky haired Twitter addict.

'Take away the sensation inside...' )

I'm not exactly sure when he moved past adorable and into lickable in my head, but I'm pretty sure it's all [livejournal.com profile] looleebelle's fault.

Finally, I rented a few movies in the last couple of days and figured I'd post my (brief) thoughts about them:

- The Rite - It's pretty much The Exorcist with Anthony Hopkins where Max von Sydow should be, but it's still pretty decent -- pretty much just because of Anthony Hopkins. A few moments were legit unsettling, and it's definitely pretty entertaining if you're into the whole "crisis of faith" trope, my major problem with it was that the ending seemed kind of rushed (like the writers ran out of steam or something). 7/10 over all, worth renting if you're bored and looking for something to watch.

- Mirrors 2 (because Le Boyfriend and I enjoyed the original) - This one's more a study in cool CGI and camera tricks -- and watching people die in really fucking messy ways. The plot is kind of blah, but it does succeed in building enough emotion that Le Boyfriend and I actually cheered when one of the surprise antagonists got his comeuppance. Plus, like I said, the effects were really pretty cool for such a low budget movie. 7.5/10 overall, mostly worth watching if you're a sucker for effects and camera tricks like me.

- My Soul To Take - Okay, I confess, I'm a horror movie wonk, so the fact that Wes Craven directed this made me rent it anyway in spite of all the godawful reviews it got. It managed to pull a pretty nice last minute twist at the end (in terms of who the killer was) and there were a lot of classic Wes Craven style tropes, but there was SO much blood that eventually it stopped being gory and started being just plain ridiculous. My other problem (and Le Boyfriend's) was that it tried to do too many ideas at once, so the movie felt a bit cluttered as a result -- if someone had sat down with the writers and streamlined it somewhat, I think this could have been really, really good. 6.5/10, I'd only recommend this if you're a diehard Wes Craven fan or a horror movie wonk in general (don't go into this one expecting Oscar material or something).

...So those weren't exactly brief, but hopefully they were entertaining!


"Time, motion and wine cause sleep..." -- Ovid


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Internets, do any of you ever have one of those moments where recognizing someone in a movie makes you feel like a gigantic nerd?

Well, I had one of those just now...(with screen caps!) )

Okay, 'fess up, how many of you recognized him from the very first screen cap? Go on, I won't judge, I've had far too many WAY fangirlier moments than this to be able to judge without sounding like a total hypocrite.

The moral of this post? FANDOM IS EVERYWHERE, resistance is futile.

Lastly, more meme!

Day Twenty-Six: What is the oddest (or funnest) thing you've had to research for a fic?

That would be a tie between transfemoral prosthetic legs and exactly how much force it takes to crush a human windpipe (alongside how much force a mostly average adult male can generate in a punch). Both topics were being researched for the same fic, incidentally XD

And now, back to watching movies in the middle of the night because I can't make my brain shut up. Ta!


"I know how men in exile feed on dreams..." -- Aeschylus




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